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Avoiding Common Anesthesia Errors

Avoiding Common Anesthesia Errors

ISBN: 9780781788472
Published by: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

Describes 215 common, serious errors made by attendings, residents, fellows, CRNAs, and practicing anesthesiologists in the practice of anesthesia and offers tips for avoiding these errors. This book includes chapters on human factors, legal issues, CPT coding, and how to select a practice.... Read more at Amazon

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Handbook of Nurse Anesthesia

Handbook of Nurse Anesthesia

ISBN: 9780721603629
Published by: Elsevier Health Sciences

Handbook of Nurse Anesthesia, third edition, contains fully updated clinical information on common diseases, the latest diagnostic and surgical procedures, and common drugs - all in a format that fits neatly in your pocket. You'll use this handbook daily for fast guidance on case management, disease processes and anesthetic care for a variety of surgical procedures.... Read more at Amazon

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