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  Two-Week Wait Rule - Suspected Cancer  
Referral Guidelines for Suspected Cancer (Two week wait rule) based on NICE Guidance 2005
Last Updated October 2012.

Breast Cancer

Urgent Referral - 2 week wait suspected cancer referral criteria

  • Patients of any age with a discrete, hard lump with fixation, with or without skin tethering
  • Women aged >30 years with a discrete lump that persists after their next period, or presents after menopause
  • Women aged <30 years with a lump that enlarges
  • Women aged <30 years with a lump that is fixed and hard
  • Women aged <30 years and in whoom there are other reasons for concern such as family history
  • Those with previous breast cancer, with new signs or symptoms
  • With unilateral eczematous skin or nipple change that does not respond to topical treatent
  • With nipple distortion of recent onset
  • With spontaneous unilateral bloody nipple discharge
  • Men, aged >50 years with a unilateral, firm subareolar mass

2 Week Wait Symptomatic Referral Criteria

  • Current clinical symptoms not meeting above criteria

Other Referral Criteria

Consider in:

  • Family history only




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